Yesss, reduction season is starting again… That time of the year you can finally afford the items you really want. We made things easy for you with a little list of the 10 bags you need to catch on sale.

1. The light yellow mini Pashli from Philip Lim via Monnier Frères

We’ve seen this one a lot the past few years but it has never reached the boring it-bag status. And we really do like the color because it’s fresh and easy to match.

2. Dolce & Gabbana Maria small printed canvas tote via Netaporter

Because we just never get enough of pompons! It’s the ideal bag for your next Ibiza vacation.

3. Suède Saint Laurent shoulder bag via Mytheresa

If we could choose one item from our entire list it would be this one. Simplicity combined with a touch of boho in that beautiful suède. I guess we just fell in love…

4. Orange Mario bag from Jérôeme Dreyfuss via Monnier Frères

Jérôme isn’t that much of an it-bag person and we like it. His creations are still kinda exclusive and not the next best fashion week item.

5. The lunch bag from Proenza Schouler via Netaporter 

Perfect for both a classy night out and a rough day at a festival. However, just watch out you don’t end up being too drunk somewhere in a muddy puddle. (been there done that)

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6. Antik Batik Jagga clutch via Netaporter 

We might have a thing for the canvas boho style but you can’t blame us because it’s just perfect for summer.

7. Micro Baguette from Fendi via Farfetch 

This one is only recommended when you don’t need a wallet, keys and when you don’t have an iPhone 6s.

8. A.P.C. Grenelle bag via A.P.C. online shop

For simply beautiful bags there’s just one address: A.P.C. Never too much, practical, beautiful colors and good quality for reasonable prices.



9. Proenza Schouler striped bucket bag via Monnier Frères 

It’s the second Proenza Schouler item in our list but this one really is a catch because now available at -60%. Go get it tigers!

10. Alexander Wang mini Prisma bag via Netaporter 

Last but not least there’s the Prisma bag from Alexander Wang. Lately, there has been less buzz around his accessory collection but we don’t really get why. Maybe because it didn’t get enough of social media attention compared to Chloé… Anyways, a great classic bag that suits almost everyone!


Photo credits: Barneys, Chaos Mag