4 spring essentials you need when you're feeling nostalgic


23 Mar

4 Spring Essentials You Need Whenever You’re Feeling Nostalgic

The days are getting longer, temperatures are going higher, the nights are still a bit chilly tho. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that spring weather can be very unpredictable. On days like that, you just want to wear something that’s comfortable, not too heavy and will bring seasonal vibes to your outfit. From overcoats, sweaters, plaid blazers to puffer jackets, here are the 4 undeniable style staples you need in springtime when you’re feeling nostalgic.

The puffer jacket

When nostalgia hits you it leaves nothing to the unknown. Some guys amongst us surely will remember those days as a child arriving at weekly sports practice or school in an oversized puffed winter jacket ( chosen by mum).

Well, feel free to wear your most puffed up jacket cause it’s all permitted now.

Hence, the best way to get your hands on it is to visit a local thrift store. There you will find what you’ve been looking for

Anything plaid

The plaid trend was actually planned to make its big entrance by next fall season. However, it seems like the style enthusiasts felt quite nostalgic and couldn’t wait to adopt the trend early on. Or wait, could it be possible that people already were used to wearing plaid? In both cases, the legendary print is taking over faster than planned. So if you happen to stumble upon one on your way to the city, definitely take it with you.

A casual spring hoodie

To be honest, you always need a good hoodie in your closet no matter the season. Especially when you want to keep scoring high whenever sweater weather hits.

If you didn’t have a sweater for spring we recommend you a colorful one. Are you in doubt? Find inspiration in the collage below. Orange, grey, bubblegum pink, baby blue, beige or red are options to explore.

Never get rid of your overcoat, you might need it sooner or later

It’s generally known that spring climate is very unpredictable. One day you have bright sunshine, the next day you’ll have thunder and rain. Therefore the overcoat is worth having a prominent place in your closet. Keep it where you can see it. Because you’re going to need it more than you had planned.

To make you even more aware of the necessity of the overcoat, we put it in a meme. (Gucci inspired).

Through the past decades, the trench coat is still an all-time spring favorite. What once was originally made for French and British army officers during the 1st world war, turned into a modern style staple for many for many men.


Photo credits: Vogue Homme, GarconJon


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