When you achieve a certain age a fashion faux-pas is right around the corner. And it has everything to do with your mental state. Are you that guy who feels and dresses way younger than the average guy in his inner circle? Pay attention because this might save your street cred. We won’t bash you nor break you. But only elaborate on a few social bloopers we stumbled upon this week already and it’s Monday.

3 fashion faux-pas for men in their thirtiesNever wear the wrong jeans again

Never let somebody else buy your jeans! That’s a lesson we’ll start with right away. Nobody knows your body like your own self. So whenever you’re out downtown looking for a new pair of jeans and in doubt…don’t stress out. The only thing you need to do is find the salesmen in store. He or she will help you find the right jeans.

However, we came up with a few helpful tips of our own to fit in them jeans.

  • Choose your denim.
  • Check the width of the pants you’re wearing. It should be on the label somewhere inside of your jeans.
  • If for instance, the width says size 32 ask for a 31, 32 and 33. Because jeans comes in differents cuts nowadays: slim fit, tapered, straight or skinny. Pick yours wisely.
  • Lengths are not often an issue as they come in 32 or 34
  • Make sure you have enough (but not too much) space in the front so you can breath easily and no room in the back. Considering clothes tend to stretch out during the day.
    Now that you know about the life hacks in regard to the perfect jeans, pair it with a cool personal style and you are good to go.
3 fashion faux-pas for men in their thirties - Pharrell Williams

If Pharrell can do it, so can you

Don’t play the reversed hat game

Shopping is fun! It knocks off a tiny load of stress for a couple of hours. And at the end of the day when you’re out eating with your new found love. You feel so brand new again in that dazzling outfit of yours. Are you still with us? Good, in that case, you can understand that a reversed hat is that fashion faux-pas that is waiting for you around the corner.

Although there are different ways to keep your hat game strong. Instead of wearing a childish cap ( sorry but it can come across as juvenile at times), consider buying yourself a fedora your partner will love it. Everybody loves a well-dressed man.

Sloppy jogger pants on a workday

Your home is the best place to look sloppy. We all have those moments. But at a given age sloppiness and nonchalance will work to your disadvantage. Think of the fancy job opportunities you could have had if you looked a bit more presentable. Because whether you like it or not an employer will care about your style etiquette.

If you’re still convinced that sloppy jogger pants are life. We have a couple of good ideas on how to style jogger pants in 2016, that will elevate your style.