Try these 3 secret getaways to find peace


Around the world: Try these 3 secret getaways to find peace

Traveling from time to time is essential. Getting out of that work-bubble of yours to re-gather your thoughts is never a bad idea. On the other hand, taking a small break from all the chaos to join another crazy party abroad isn’t always the best choice. In case you were thinking of traveling places around the world to find a bit of rest. We came up with 3 secret getaways you need to try out to find ultimate peace.

Rio Grande do Norte

Utterly known as “Bride of the Sun“, this Brazilian state has the most picturesque beaches you’ve ever seen. Not only is it the ideal sun-and-surf destination but like the country itself, it has a rich culture worth exploring.

Compared to overrated summer spots like Creta, Lloret Di Mar, Marrakech and so on, chances of bumping into your neighbor will be extremely small. Since this low-key getaway is still to be explored by the masses.

Just imagine your summer-self on a quiet beach with a local food plate filled with sun-dried beef and cassava fries on one side and refreshments on the other.

Best time to travel: the first weekend of December during Carnatal. Brazil’s largest off-season Carnival.

Bermuda Island

Many amongst you may have read about Bermuda’s financial meltdown. However, it’s another ball game now for the eccentric island. Starting from 2014 the island was back on the map. After getting the opportunity of hosting the 35th America’s Sailing Race Cup it became a promising stop for wealthy visitors.

Besides the parties, sand beaches, people, food and drinks. Bermuda is about to get even more attractive. For that reason, book your flight now and go see it with your own eyes before it officially becomes the new crowded resort destination.

Best time to travel: If you love whale watching you’ll love being in Bermuda during the month March and April. From May to September you’ll want to be there to enjoy the beaches and festivals. And November through April you’ll find cheaper tickets due to low-season. So for the ones who’d rather have a low-key vacation you know where to go.

Cambodian Coast

The route to reach Cambodia’s stunning islands has always been grueling. Back in the days, most people took a flight to Phnom Penh, then endured a four-hour drive and a choppy ferry ride.

Luckily, nowadays it’s a much smoother journey to the latest island secret getaways. At any time of the year, the Cambodian Coast is the ideal resort for total relaxation. Along these lines no need to drool over internet photos any longer. Just book that trip!


Photo credits: Travel Noire, Ampersand Travel


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