If there’s one thing the world can use a little more of lately, it’s sparkles and glitter. Yesterday’s election’s left us speechless and stunned, but all we can do, is rise up and keep on living our best lives, to show that hatred will not win.

One thing that always helps me into a happy mood, is a little bling-bling. Yes, of course, people have been using glitter on their eyes for ever. In this time and age though, it’s all about trying new things, so here are three alternative ways to add some sparkle into your life!

Hair gone glam


We all know how it feels: You wake up with high hopes and expectations for yet another day, you look in the mirror and… damn it, bad hair day! A reason to hide under the blanket for the rest of the day? I didn’t think so: Mix some translucent gel with a glitter of preference, comb it through your roots or your entire scalp (depending on the look you’re going for), et voilà! To add a little over all sparkle to your hairdo,  just take some hairspray, diffuse it over your hair and randomly sprinkle some glitter on there. Simple but effective!


Sparkle the bags away

We’ve all seen this meme floating around the internet. Thing is: if you have the balls for it, this doesn’t have to stay just a meme. So called ‘glitter tears’ can be a really fun look to rock while still hiding those dark circles! Also, it’s super easy to do, and it will brighten not only your, but everyone else’s day too. You can even color coordinate your glitter with your outfit, if you want to! The thing is: There are no rules in make-up. Sometimes you should just try to get out of your box. You never know what you might find!


Pat McGrath

After the metallic and glossy lip, it is now time for the next step: glitter lips! Thanks to Pat McGrath, one of the most iconic make-up artists ever, this is now possible. Think sequins for your lips! Bella Hadid was one of the first seen with the magic lips, on the Atelier Versace runway. Well, we’re not sure if your loved one will like the (probably quite grainy) kisses, but at least you look FIERCE!

You see, there are more than enough ways to add a little glitter and glamour to your daily life. Believe me on my word when I say: the world is prettier with some sparkle in it!