5 cool kids who influenced you one way or the other


5 cool kids who influenced you one way or the other

TIME released their annual 100 most influential – list and this year it’s categorized in 5 departments: icons, artists, titans, leaders, and pioneers. A list of individuals who contributed to the world and changed traditional patterns of what we buy, how we use technology, how we produce and consume art and fashion.

Since we share a few favorites with TIME, we made our own list of 5 cool kids who influenced you one way or the other. Scroll down to discover who those 5 epic guys are.

Evan Spiegel

Second on our list is American-born Evan Spiegel (26), an Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Snapchat while he was studying at Stanford University. An app that influenced and changed the way we use social media.

When talking about Snapchat’s influence worldwide with friends or colleagues. The most common question is: “How the hell did he come up with that idea?”.

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winners CFDA awards 2017 Raf Simons

Raf Simons

First of all, we all know how much A$AP Rocky adores his RAF! But it’s not only the rapper and songwriter that is a loyal advocate to the Belgian designer. Loving Raf is contagious, so to speak.

The man who made Calvin Klein great again is listed in TIME’s most influential because of his love and passion for couture. He created timeless fashion that still will be sought after by the time your kids will have kids. From New York to Paris, all the down to Japan, style enthusiasts acknowledge the greatness of RAF.

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Donald Glover

The Donald we knew as Childish Gambino back in 2010 is now a full-grown inspiring artist, finding his passion in music, comedy and film. It’s only last year that he delivered to the world an entire body of work, written by himself. And the series is called Atlanta.

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Chance The Rapper

About a month from now Chance The Rapper broke the internet. News of Chance The Rapper spread very fast when people saw his tweet about donating $1 million to Chicago’s public school system. After Michele Obama’s response Chance was an icon. Not only because the first lady of the United States replied to his tweet. (Oops we forget Michele was replaced by some other lady) Because although Chance the rapper is a talented, authentic and independent artist who does not sell but STREAMS his music, he managed to give back to his community without any return.

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Alessandro Michele

If Raf’s the man who made Calvin great again. Then you must recognize how Alessandro Michele made Gucci bigger than Gucci. Because if you can remember, the pre-Alessandro era wasn’t looking as bright anymore. It’s under Michele’s creative control that the Italian fashion house took a step back. Only to come back with a much more refined, innovating and free-spirited version of Gucci.

According to Jared Leto, from that day on his name was worthy of adding next to the legendary pack: Karl, Coco, Yves, Christian, Giorgio and Gianni.

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Photo credits: Wired, Vogue, Time


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