There a couple of pieces men need in their closet. Next to the pile of sneakers you’ll find a couple of expensive designer shoes. We all have at least one pair of them. From any haute couture label whether it’s Gucci,  Fratelli Rossetti, Dries Van Noten or Lanvin.

After watching the Paris and London fashion shows over and over again, we started paying attention to the details … and the shoes of course. We then realized how sharp your shoe game must be at any given time. Don’t you agree ?

Enfnts Terribles : 5 Designer Shoes To Keep A Strong Shoe Game

What’s that quote people live for again ? ” People will stare at you so better make it worth their while”. Well, there’s a lot of truth to it. And since we know that women will be watching us we want to make sure you guys look and feel good in those expensive shoes. To help you out we made a selection of our favorite designer shoes.

Sidenote : When it comes to high-end footwear prices can run up to €1000 or more. So be smart and take the time to save money first . At least you won’t have to eat bread and water for dinner the next 6 months.

Our favorites for now …

Often we forget that various labels have a different fit. Italian sizes for instance  will differ from English ones. So unless you don’t try them on first you’ll never know your right size. If it’s that expensive, we think, it should fit perfectly.

How do you know when a shoe fits ?

  • Wear the same kind of socks that you normally would wear. And have them on in the shoe store.
  • If you usually wear insoles bring them with you.
  • Do not buy shoes that are to wide for you. Footwear should feel comfy.
  • You should have no space at the back. So that the heel can fully support you. And you leave a very small  – as tiny as your thumb – space in the front. To let your big toe breath , stretch and shake.

For an effortless and sharp look, our top selection includes designer labels like : Gucci, Raf Simons, Saint-Laurent Paris and Versace.  Starting with floral embroidered low-top sneakers and spiked gold toned leather loafers to the iconic velvet chelsea boots made by maison Saint-Laurent. All of them are documented on ENFNTS TERRIBLES.


Photo credit : Vogue