Nothing is more fun than city tripping, am I right? But how do you choose which city you want to go to? You could spend endless hours browsing on the internet. But no picture or text will show you what it feels like to be in that city. Well, I tried to do so. I picked 5 European cities – Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London and Brussels- and linked each of them to a song with a similar vibe.

Berlin – “Love isn’t made, it’s grown.”Berlin Wall by night

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin consists of big concrete blocks. They are placed in a grid pattern and tell a powerful story, which matches perfectly with the songs of XXYYXX. Those are usually very repetitive and have a nostalgic feeling.

Of course we also know Berlin for its nightlife. People often call the German capital the best clubbing city in Europe. That’s why I chose the song Love Isn’t Made. It’s about falling in love. And if you feel like falling in love, a dance floor in Berlin is definitely the place to be.


Paris – 
“I’m a fool for your love.”

Love locks on a bridge in ParisParis. The city of love. The city where all romantic hearts go to show the rest of the world how happily in love they are. Aren’t we all fools?! Of course Paris does have beautiful places where you can wander and hold hands. And the city is very sophisticated, just like Rhye’s song Open. But let’s not be naive. The French metropolis can also be very edgy. While enjoying a stroll on the Champs-Elysées or a visit to Centre Pompidou, you will be confronted with a lot of homeless people. And that is exactly what Open also illustrates with its fragile sound.

Barcelona – 
“It made my heart run in circles and overflow.”

BarcelonaIf you haven’t heard of Gaudí yet: shame on you. He was a Spanish architect in the 19th century and thanks to him Barcelona literally is a piece of art. The famous church Sagrada Família is probably his most notable building, but you can find creations of his all over the city. The Park Guëll is one of them. The parc is exactly what I see when I close my eyes while listening to Tame Impala. The wavy benches and walls look like they are in motion, which perfectly matches with the song I picked.

The colorful art also represents the city itself, because Barcelona and its people are very vibrant. A tip if you really want to blend in with the locals and would like to party non-stop for a week: visit the city in September, when the Festes de la Mercè are in town.

London – 
“You should know how we act up here.”

Camden Town in LondonThe city I lost my heart to: London. I always felt like this capital is a place where everything is possible and where no one judges or doubts. London has all different kinds of people and everyone just acts like they want to. Even though it’s one big chaos, it’s perfectly structured at the same time. Notting Hill is elegant, Camden Town is alternative and together they make London the best of both worlds. AYO by Lolawolf is just like that. The song contains random elements that sometimes don’t quite match, but they still form a refreshing and impressive whole.

Brussels – 
“Everything feels like touchdown on a rainy day.”



Manneken Pis

Brussels is kind of a grey city, especially on a rainy day. A perfect match for James Blake sound, which has a very black and white feeling. James’ music does have a lot of depth on the other hand, which also refers to Brussels. The intense bass in Life Round Here illustrates very well that this city in Belgium is like a big beating heart. Brussels is very alive. Apart from the typical tourist spots – such as the Atomium and Manneken Pis aka the ‘Pissing boy’ – you can meet nice new people around Beursplein/Place de la Bourse.


Photo credits:  Internationaltravellermag, Seyfettin Dincturk, Hans H. Bjørstad, Expack, Barcelona-Home, Travelier, Vulpia and Escape Hunt