18 Sep

5 jobs for Rihanna (If she was NOT a superstar)

Did you ever wonder what Rihanna would be up to right now if she wasn’t a superstar ?  The young female icon who was born as Robyn Fenty (28) is legitimately rising to music diva status very fast. Her sexy music makes us all wiggle a lot. And her daily style could make Queen Bey jealous. But nowadays – especially at the 2016 VMA’s – we get to see a Riri that sings her own medleys on stage. She does it pretty good too.

This year went well for her since #WORK feat Drake was on repeat all summer long everywhere. From the moment she released her futuristic sunglasses collection with Dior to her new fashion collection for Puma launched in New York. We’ve been following her every move and it’s fun to watch too.

Anyhow to return to our first question, we just couldn’t lose the thought of not exploring some job opportunities for Rihanna. Let’s start with just five options.

1) A Cover girl

Throughout her career, the Grammy-winning Diamond-singer proved that she could slay a cover. Besides a performer, you could call her a photography model. Since she graces diverse magazine covers and brand campaigns internationally.

5 jobs for Rihanna (If she wasn't a superstar)

2) A bill collector

We think the message came across very clear in this song. When the ‘Bitch better have my money‘-bill collector claimed her coins back from someone who owed her. So, we’re not planning on having a debt towards Rihanna anytime soon.

3) A street style star

First, read our recent article Top 10 streets style stars to watch to understand what a street style star is.

That floral printed Vetements dress got her looking all gorgeous in these streets. Adding to that nobody can deny her style. It’s on point for days, self-expressive and edgy. She wears all the pieces all young girls wish they had in their wardrobe. And some guys secretly would want to rock it too.

4) Work, work, work at a grocery store

A grocery store isn’t the place you would expect our young icon to work. But imagine how it would be, seeing a Barbadian beauty like this at the cash register. What a blessing!

5) A professional stripper

The message was loud and clear in our second job description for Rihanna. We didn’t have to look far to find her possible next profession.

After watching Rihanna’s music video and going through a couple of memes online. It all came back. Rihanna once channeled her inner stripper 2 years ago. Eventually, all work is honorable!

Photo credits: Christopher Polk, Vogue

5 jobs for Rihanna (If she wasn't a superstar)

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