So, we all know that model Cara Delevingne is currently working on her acting career. But did you know that the British beauty is also a really good singer? Well, now you do. Here are 5 reasons why she should go professional with that blessing.

 1) Cara Delevingne has a gift for music

Cara plays the guitar and is an excellent drummer. She also beatboxes. How cool is that?! She showed off her beatbox skills last year at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Check it out.

This proves that Cara wouldn’t be just another pretty girl pursuing a singing career. She is talented and really knows how to make music. And that is something I respect deeply.

2) Cara’s taste is nice

And I’m not talking about her taste in fashion, which is also absolutely amazing. I’m talking about her musical preferences. She likes it a bit edgy and mysterious. Yet she also enjoys a dreamy acoustic vibe, which she made clear by teaming up with Will Heard. They sang Sonnentanz together.

WARNING. You will probably not listen to this once only. Her voice is very appealing and matches so well with Will’s. Also, they’re a bit experimenting with the song, which makes it very interesting to listen to on repeat.

3) The story Cara has to tell

Not only would the vibe of Cara’s music be nice, but also the lyrics. If you follow Cara Delevingne a bit – on social media, in interviews – then you know that she is an interesting young woman. She stands up for women’s rights, openly talks about her sexual orientation and has admitted to be struggling with depression since she was 15. I think beautiful words could come out of that.

Also… I must admit I’m a bit curious how her relationship with Annie Clark is going. Who is also a singer, by the way, and goes under the name St. Vincent. Maybe, if she’s a bit “Taylor Switf”-ish, she communicates about her love life through her songs.

4) She gave us a sneak peek and owes us more

You have probably seen Reincarnation, a short film created and directed by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. If you haven’t: shame on you. Go and watch it below. Now.

The film is almost 2 years old, but I still enjoy it every time I watch it. It features the song CC The World, sung by Pharrell Williams and – of course – Cara Delevingne. The song is very hypnotising and has me longing for more. Cara can’t leave us hanging like this. She owes us more after singing this song for Chanel.

5) Cara deserves it and so do we

5 years ago, she already wrote and recorded 2 albums. That proves that she might say yes to the music industry. The only reason she said no to releasing those albums, was because the label wanted to change her name. Today, there would be no need at all to change her name. She should just go for it. Even if it was only to shut down the haters and prove them she’s awesome.

Cara Delevingne is definitely not just the girl next door, she is unique and talented. She would bring something new and different to our current playlists. Also, imagine going to a concert of hers. Her performance would be a blessing for both the ears and eyes.