If you have been anywhere near an internet connection lately, you’ve probably noticed the renewed buzz about Disneyland Paris. Or at least, we did. Our favorite theme park is celebrating its 25th birthday! Which was just another reason for us to go visit the Paris-based version of Disneyland.

Surprisingly, we noticed that a lot of people still haven’t been to the theme park. That’s why we decided to list   reasons why you should definitely go to Disneyland Paris, for at least once in your life! Here we go.

HyperSpace Mountain

One of the first things we usually do when arriving at Disneyland is take a map and find our way to Hyperspace Mountain. Which is the Star Wars-themed roller coaster you’ve all been waiting for. The special thing about this attraction is that is actually inside a gigantic dark mountain. Everything you see is being projected with little lights. Add the sound effects and you’ll feel like you’re in an actual Star Wars battle.

the parade

Maybe this is Disneyland’s most known thing; the parade. Each day at 17h30, the big Disney parade is happening and we strongly suggest you to go have a look and dance on the tunes of your favorite Disney movies! Apart from dancing, you’re also able to see characters during the star-studded daytime parade!

Walt Disney Studios Park

When people think about Disneyland Paris, they most of the time forget about the other park that is situated just next to it. Walt Disney Studios Park was opened in 2002, so it’s not as old as the other one, but that’s a good thing. In the Walt Disney Studios Park, you’ll find everything from the more recent Disney-creations, such as Ratatouille. One of our ultimate favorite things is also based at the Walt Disney Studios; The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It’s a must visit!

Relive your childhood

For us, going there as an adult was the best thing ever. Just give us some Mickey Mouse ears and let us eat candy all day long! And we weren’t the only ones. Recently, a lot of (young) adults have gone the theme park. If you really want to go back in time, we suggest to go to “It’s a Small World”. Warning; you’ll be singing the attraction’s theme song all day long.

The night time show

Each day, around closing time, the night time show is happening. This is the most wonderful event of the day and a must see! There are fireworks, a huge light show, the castle is basically coming to live and more. The light show includes some of Disney’s most known characters and the music makes it all even more perfect.

Photo credits: Irmy Coeckelbergs