There’s a lot to say about the New York-based designer. From his approach to fashion to his outlandish fashion shows and parties. The man always makes sure you can’t forget about him. Jacobs was the Creative Director at Louis Vuitton from 1997-2013. You know, that time when designers actually stayed at brands for more than 3 years. Apart from the designing part, the man is a legend himself. Here are five reasons why we think Marc Jacobs is an icon, apart from his fashion accomplishments.

He’s the ultimate DILF

For those who are unaware of the meaning of ‘DILF’; it’s a Dad I’d Like To Fuck. Better known by its female equivalent; MILF. That’s right, Marc Jacobs is one of the hottest designers out there! We wouldn’t mind sharing a bed with him.


King of dressing up

If there would be one thing on our bucketlist, it would be ‘celebrating Halloween with Marc Jacobs’. Although we would be stressing about our costume for months in advance, it would be quite the experience. Last year, he dressed up as a body builder, a female one – of course.


RuPaul’s Drag Race

Marc Jacobs loves the LGBT+ community and the community loves him back! Marc Jacobs is a gay icon and very open about his relationship(s) and sexuality. As a result of that, the man was a guest judge at RuPaul’s Drag Race, which basically is the most popular and outspoken dragqueen show out there. About the show, he said the following:: “It makes me laugh, it makes me cry. There’s a lot of power in it, and I’m not a big reality TV show fan at all.“It makes me laugh, it makes me cry. There’s a lot of power in it, and I’m not a big reality TV show fan at all.”

His friends

You can often tell how cool a person is by looking at his friends. Designers are not a difference! If you look at Jacob’s friends, they include some of the world’s biggest superstars like Lady Gaga, Madonna, RuPaul, Kate Moss, etc. just to namedrop a few. Conclusion: Marc Jacobs and his friends are cool.

He once whore a see-through dress and boxer shorts to the MET Gala

Jacobs showed up in a Commes des Garçons dress and boxers at the 2012 MET Gala. And this was BEFORE all of you ladies rocked that undies-showing-through-your-dress thing. Marc, obviously, did it first.

Photo credits: Rebecca Smeyne, EPA, madonnarama.