After months of waiting and rumors, Lady Gaga finally did the Super Bowl Halftime show. She literally  set the arena on fire and delivered one of the best halftime shows. At ENFNTS TERRIBLES HQ, we’re very much into Gaga and everything she stands for. So we couldn’t be more happy about what happened last night!

Here are 5 things you could’ve missed at last nights Super Bowl halftime show performance of Lady Gaga, aka the queen.


Gaga opened the show with singing a breathtaking version of “This Land Is Your Land”. Which was obviously a huge statement about everything that is happening right now. But that’s not all! She started off her act on the rooftop of the NRG stadium backed by the star spangled banner, made out of little lights in the sky that went from star-looking things to a formation of the American flag.

We just heard from a good source that the lights were actually drones that were flying in the sky, making the perfect illusion of a sky filled with stars. So good!

 Political statement

Although Lady Gaga first claimed to not make any political statements, she did it anyway. But let’s be honest; casting a bisexual LGBT+ icon for the first Super Bowl halftime show under Trump as the president of the United States is a statement at itself.

As if that wasn’t enough the superstar sang the infamous ‘Born This Way’. Which is a song that celebrates diversity in all of its forms. The lyrics “No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgender life …” just say it all. According to USA Today, that’d “likely” be the first time the word “transgender” was said onstage at a Super Bowl.

She wore Versace

For the occasion, Lady Gaga and her stylist Brandon Maxwell opted to wear Versace. The Italian brand was an obvious choice when aiming to honor the early stages of Lady Gaga’s fame. On top of that, Gaga is a close friend of Donatella Versace herself.

That said, last night’s 2017 Super Bowl Halftime show wardrobe seemed to be a return to her Poker Face days. The custom Atelier Versace design, “was always about celebrating all that she has done in this first decade of her career,” said Maxwell of the heavily embellished bodysuit.

“Hi dad! Hi Mom!”

One of the cutest moments of the Super Bowl Halftime Show would probably be the moment when Lady gaga greeted her parents in front of millions of people. Her new album ‘Joanne’ is dedicated to family and close friends of gaga. Giving them a shoutout on the biggest stage in the world was the best though.

She build the SB stage in her backyard

Lady Gaga is known for the way she handles each and every one of her big gigs. She does it with passion and devotion! This time around, it was not different. To fully get ready to own the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she built a replica of the actual halftime show stage in her own backyard. In that way, she was able to practice with her dancers for two months in advance. That clearly payed off!

Photo credit: Mason Poole