Our team was present at weekend 1 of the infamous Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium. We danced, we drank a little too much and we enjoyed first class services at the Brew District. But most of all, we had loads of fun. And we were not alone! Each weekend, 200.000 people are going to the festival. That’s almost half a million people over the two weekends!

There are 12.000 people who are working at the festival to make things run smoothly. On top of that, there are 1.000 dj’s who are giving their best at one of the 16 stages. That’s a lot to choose from! That’s why we’re listing our top 5 things to see at the second weekend of Tomorrowland.

Freedom Stage

Main Stage

Probably the most known image of the biggest dance festival in the world is its main stage. Every year, they build a huge stage in the theme of that year. This year’s theme is ‘Amicorum Spectaculum’. This year was/is all about friendship and the art of circus. (photo on top)

Oscar and the wolf

It might come as a surprise to have a band like Oscar and The Wolf playing at Tomorrowland. But with their super danceable songs and the great ambiance they brought to the first weekend, they’re definitely a must-see for weekend 2. We might even dare to say that it was the highlight of weekend number one. The band will do its thing on Saturday the 29th at the Freedom Stage.

Oscar and The Wolf at Tomorrowland, weekend 1


There’s a lot one can eat when attending Tomorrowland, but the taco’s are the smartest thing to eat. It’s good for multiple reasons. One of them is that the lines at the taco-stalls are the smallest. Everyone at festivals wants to eat french fries and burgers, but tacos are less wanted. The second reason is that it’s actually quite good.

Core Stage in the woods

Secret stage in the woods

The Core Stage at Tomorrowland is something that is new from this year. It’s located in the woods and you really have to know where it is to find it. They’re mainly playing techno music there and it’s one of the stages we loved the most.

Every second last act at the main stage

Make no mistake, the fireworks at the main stage aren’t kept for the closing acts. At Tomorrowland, the fireworks are ment to reinforce the second last act. Especially at the main stage. So if you want to enjoy the festival’s major fireworks moment, you’ll have to head over to the main stage during the second last dj set.

Photo credits: Dave Sips, Enfnts Terribles