In New York, the menswear fashion week is at its full force. Although we’re just over halfway, we already saw some good things. Belgian halfgod Raf Simons just showed an epic collection. This was the man’s first time creating and showing in NYC and the city clearly had its influences on the designer. But there’s also Tim Coppens who still has to show his new work on Friday. Which we are looking forward to a lot.

In exactly one week from now the female equivalent of New York Fashion Week will kick off and there’s a lot to look forward to.


Raf Simons’ Debut at Calvin Klein

First of all, Raf Simons is the talk of the town! For over half a year now, people are getting crazy excited when thinking about the wonderful combination of CK and Simons. Invites for the show are literally wanted by everyone who has anything to do with fashion – including us.

The brand already released some of Raf Simons’ first designs on Instagram last week. The photos were captioned with an announcement from Calvin Klein: A new departure for Calvin Klein: The NYC atelier’s celebrity by-appointment service becomes an individual line. And that’s how Calvin Klein By Appointment was born. A new couture-ish line that is described as “No longer solely for celebrities, rather an open made-to-measure service”.

Apart from that, it’s still a big secret as for what Raf Simons is planning to do at Calvin Klein. Simons’ debut at Calvin Klein will be on Friday the 10th at 4PM local time. Keep an eye on our instagram and Twitter for updates on that!

Fashion vs Trump

Fashion has been reacting to Trump’s election and his actions from day one. Fashion designers took to Twitter about how they’re refusing to dress Melania Trump and others have publicly expressed their hate towards the new president. We expect a lot of collections to be a statement against Trump or just a general reaction towards everything that is happening right now. Raf Simons, amongst others, already hinted there will be influences of the current situation in his new collection.

But fashion designers aren’t the only ones reacting. Street style stars are making statements through there outfits all the time. We’re sure there will be some very clear signs from them, too. Belgian blogger and street style star Matthias Geerts, who is in New York for the men’s fashion week, already did so. He wore a custom made jacket with “Fuck Trump” on it [photo on top]. We think you’ll get the message.

First look at FW17

We’ve been covering the menswear fall/winter collections for a while now. This time around, women will take over fashion weeks around the world. New York will kick off a long range of fashion weeks filled with womenswear collections for coming fall/winter. We’re mainly looking forward to seeing new brands, but also curious about the more established brands. Yet again, you’ll be able to see everything happen live at ENFNTS TERRIBLES.

Yeezy Season 4

Yeezy Season 5

On Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 5 p.m, Kanye West will unveil his latest collection in partnership with Adidas. After last season’s disastrous show – models fainted and West kept fashion people sitting in the blank sun for hours – we weren’t sure whether the man would do fashion week again or not. But Kanye West apparently is not a quitter. Fortunately, he’s keeping things local for industry showgoers. Instead of Madison Square Gardenor Roosevelt Island, the show will take place at popular NYFW presentation venue Pier 59 Studios

Upcoming Designers

From all the big fashion weeks, NYFW might be the one where we still discover a lot of young and upcoming designers. When you’re looking for new streetwear brands to kick in the new season, the Big Apple is the place to be. Because NYFW isn’t as huge as Paris Fashion Week – for example -, also smaller designers get a place to show their work. We’re always looking for new emerging talent to write about and/collaborate with, so we’re looking forward to that.

Photo credits: Calvin Klein, New York Times, Matthias Geerts.