At a certain point we need to take a break from pointless online shopping. We voluntarily do it way too often. As a result we end up with piles of old and new clothes we no longer will wear, especially after the summer sale. Since fall is getting closer, let’s make room for more season appropriate garments. Though you don’t need to get rid of everything. Only the timeless style staples get to stay. So in order to rightfully do the cut, we got inspired by our favorite Instagram cool kids. Alton Mason, Virgil Abloh, Luka Sabbat, and more. That way it was easier for us to know what clothing pieces we need to hang on tight to by fall 2017.

A black hoodie

Just notice the level of sass Bryan Boy arrives with at the supermarket on a regular Saturday. That’s reason enough to keep a black hoodie in your closet. Because by the time fall hits, you’ll need it badly.

Just another day at the Swedish supermarket #HouseWifeLife /@vetements_official @dior @proenzaschouler

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A pair of black loose-fit denim trousers

We’re sure this next garment has been laying in your pile of clothes for some time now. Pick out your best black loose-fit trousers. And consider giving the rest away to charity. In case you’re doubting that you’ll feel better about yourself. Trust us, you will!

“MENTAL ECLIPSE” all those images and these c/o @tyronelebon

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A blazer

Not our best style staple to wear. But in case you have to dress up for any formal occasions, a double-breast blazer does the trick every time.

>> Not The French Frequency.

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A striped silk shirt

Just double-tapping this outfit from NY-based model Luka Sabbat wasn’t enough. We instantly bookmarked it in our favorites. Because we wouldn’t let a gorgeous silky shirt like this go unnoticed. This 4th item on our list of fall clothing pieces is definitely a keeper.

Might be back on my bullshit.

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A white shirt

The following rule shall always apply to guys: always have at least 2 white shirts.

Outfit for @dimehtodo’s new music video

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Track pants

Model Alton Mason is one of those guys who can get away with everything. Despite that, we do have one thing in common. Although we all look semi-slobby in track pants, we all need them in our lives.

We’re ready for you.

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Photo credit: Instagram