6 Travel Essentials You Can’t Forget At Home

Let’s begin by saying that this time of the year is the perfect timing to take a week off. Just like any other week of the year, to be honest. Before you start daydreaming about your next destination, re-consider checking the travel essentials in your luggage. It often happens you forget an important travel necessity once you’ve checked in at your hotel room abroad. By that time, it’s probably too late.

Time matters

Time is one of the most crucial factors when you’re planning a trip. Especially when you suffer from the procrastination disease. Again, when it’s time to plan the trip be sure to start packing beforehand. Don’t be a last-minute person. Because that will only add stress to your journey.

Be efficient

Pack light and be efficient. Especially when your baggage allowance has a maximum weight. If that’s the case, we recommend you to preserve your first suitcase for the pieces who take more room. On the other hand, your carry-on bag should contain the smaller and essential things. For those who don’t like folding. Try rolling your clothes instead.


The following tips may cost a bit more but at least they’ll simplify your trip. So here you have em’ 6 travel essentials you can not forget to take with you:

-a portable charger, headphones, a travel adapter, a magazine or two

Nobody hates waiting as much as we do. We always bring along a magazine or two to stay busy until boarding time. Or just open your phone and go to Enfnts Terribles’ website and social media platforms. We heard that can be pretty interesting, too.

-an extra garment

To protect yourself from catching a cold during the flight to your exotic destination, bring a supplementary clothing piece to layer up. It can be a jacket, cardigan, hoodie or blazer. Choose any interchangeable item that can still make your travel outfit look refined.

-comfy travel shoes

If you find yourself in an airport as big as JFK, London Heathrow or Paris-Charles de Gaulle, we suggest you wear a pair of sneakers. Because all the rest will only slow you down.

Photo credits: Pinterest, Fashion Quarterly, Elle


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