There will always be a way to diversify how we wear what we once wore. Before Kanye introduced the world to leather joggers, we all wore the traditional sporty ones from Adidas, Nike or Champion and Fila at times. It almost seemed like it were the only kind of jogger pants we knew about back then. Well, those days are officially over!

Nowadays male fashion enthusiasts from around the globe sport their very own jogger pants in many ways. We see it on everyone  from athletes to school pupils and their parents. Whether it’s worn on a light sneaker, paired with a classy shirt or with dressed shoes. Men found new ways to redefine themselves at work and on the streets. Improving the way they should be wearing a piece that is about to metamorphose to a timeless style item.

Also clothing designers refused to stay behind on that particular trend. And after years of attempts the only 2 labels that successfully introduced the joggers are : Zanerobe and Publish brand. Two major players who transcends the hype and made it into a lifestyle. Without overpricing anything. You’ll find stylish sweatpants costing approximately  $88 to $100.

Are you ready for lift off ? Now, let’s go over all the stylish ways to wear jogger pants.

Wear it with sneakers to attain a sporty look

A pair of NMD sneaker by Adidas will do in case you want to attain a sporty look. Most of the time men will wear jogger pants with some dope kicks.

Dress it up

We don’t often kiss & tell ( in this case style and tell ) but we’re about to spill a secret every fashion enthusiast knows.

Fashion bloggers have been doing it for a decade. So if you want to make a casual clothing item stand out ? Adorn it with beautiful and fancy things.

A classy shirt, handmade monk strap shoes, a fancy jacket and a bracelet to finish off  your dressed up look of the day. You can tuck your shirt in your pants or leave it out. It’s all up to you!
3 Ways to Wear Jogger Pants in 2016 : Dress up

Keep it simple and casual

A lot of times it’s better to keep it simple. When you’re off to the gym or about to see your partner for a date. It’s kind of unnecessary to feel uncomfortable because you dressed up way too much for the occasion.

Start playing the Game of Casual and you’re good to go. Different rules apply though :

  • Don’t layer too much,
  • keep it light,
  • make the right color combos

Photo credit : Man of Style, Pinterest, Hello His