We at ENFNTS TERRIBLES have the biggest respect for fashion bloggers. They can be inspiring and some of them are true pioneers when it comes to a range of today’s biggest trends. This, on the other hand, is an open letter to all fashion bloggers and so-called social influencers out there who seem to have missed the memo.


Thanks to the Kardashians, this 90’s trend found a new life in 2016. But can we please agree to let that trend stay in 2016? Okay.


T-shirt underneath a dress

Ok, the T-shirt underneath a dress trend can still look good, if you combine it very very well. By that we don’t mean the sawed-off version that makes you look like you just spent too much time on Asos.

skinny jeans (the wrong ones)

First of all, there’s a big difference between a skinny jeans and a skinny jeans. You’ve got the ones from Levi’s, Gucci, GRLFRND Denim, etc. that don’t look like you’ve just been vacuum-packed. These are okay and actually practical to wear sometimes. However, there are also the ones that are basically a legging with a denim-ish look. Whenever you have to sit or lie down to wiggle into them, THEY’RE TOO SKINNY FOR YOU!

male bloggers too skinny jeans

Camel coat + black distressed trousers

NEWSFLASH: Distressed trousers and a camel coat are NOT refreshing and/or fashion forward. There are plenty of other colors out there you can play with.

Camel coat black distressed jeans

Gemini bracelets

When you see these ugly bracelets attached to a blogger’s wrist on Instagram, please know it is probably #sponsored. Do you really think decent men with a little knowledge of fashion would buy an overpriced ugly and cheap looking thing? NO! That’s all.

Gemini bracelets

Stop disrespecting Gucci bags with your Primark outfit

If you have the guts to invest in a Gucci bag, make sure the rest of your wardrobe is on point too. By that we don’t mean you have to only invest in designer pieces. Just be creative… you know.

Gucci wrong combo

fishnet socks

Although this one is still kind of fresh, we’re sick of it! We already predicted the comeback of these kind of tights and socks in an article that was published on November the 9th – oh the irony. Whenever we see a fashion blogger sporting them nowadays, we can’t help but roll our eyes. You’ve missed that boat, don’t desperately try to still get on it.

Photo credits: Pinterest