The backpack has been working on its comeback for a while now, unfortunately with little real fashion-worthy success. However, we predict that things soon might change with the “invention” of the mini backpack.

Big brother

Personally, we’ve always liked the idea of a backpack. It’s just that you have to style it very well, otherwise you look like a teenager leaving for summer camp. So forget about most parkas and other casual pieces of clothing, definitely when you’re older than 20. (Unless you want to look like the “innocent” girl next door till you’re 40 for several mentally disturbing reasons.)

Our opinion: Susie Bubble can pull it off but she’s Susie Bubble. And she can afford Chanel… no comment.

mini backpack trend

The solution: downsizing

Elegant, adorable and less memories to your days at the girl scouts. Those are one of the few advantages the mini backpack has to offer. It’s just more of a purse than an oversized practical accessory you use to carry around as much belongings as possible. We understand the need of being inseparable with your laptop, iPad, an extra sweater, make-up bag and umbrella. But sometimes you just need to let things go. It’s good for both your mental health and your back.

On top, it’s a lot easier to integrate this accessory in your wardrobe. Because of the size you can even wear it cross body. If you try to do that with a “normal” one it looks like you just gave birth. Which is a good thing unless your baby looks like a backpack.

This season there are 3 must haves: the Vuitton Palm Springs, Eastpak Orbit XS and the Vetements x Eastpak backpack. If we could choose, we’d just go for all three of them. You know… you never know in which mood you’re going to be.

Mini Backpack trendmini backpack trendMini backpack trend

Photo credits: Vogue, Street Peeper, Eastpak, Louis Vuitton, Vetements, The Lyst