Everybody has been talking about it and  fashion magazines have writen lots about it, UGLY is the new black. Look at Vetements, for example. The French collective, under the leadership of Demna Gvasalia, is pushing the boundaries of fashion by creating something many call ‘anti-fashion’. It obviously works well for them as they are one of the most talked about brands of this moment. We kind of get the same ‘anti-fashion’ feeling when looking at Ader Error. Ader Error is a South Korean brand that is making affordable (anti)fashion.

We’re loving their work and wouldn’t be surprised if, in a year from now, cool kids from around the world would be wearing their designs. They could be something like streetwear brands Supreme and Champion nowadays. Another reason to like the Ader collections; all of them are unisex. Something we like and fully support!


Ader Error vs Vetements

We can’t help but compare the up- and coming Korean brand with one of our favorite French collectives, Vetements. Vogue recently featured Ader Error in an article titled ‘This Cult Fashion Collective Is Korea’s Answer to Vetements’. Which is a pretty obvious comparison if you ask us. First of all, both brands started their journey in 2014. Vetements grew like crazy in just a few years, while the other brand took a slow start. Second, the French and Korean brands both started of as anonymous collectives. Vetements has shed its initial anonymity to reveal the brothers Gvasalia as its main masterminds, the Ader team remains entirely unknown. The anonymity of the collective makes it really cool and kind of mysterious! enfntsterribles-fashion-ader-error-lookbook-2

Price tag

There are a lot of similarities between Vetements and Ader Error, as you could read above. There’s just one massive difference between the two brands; the price tag. Where Vetements is aiming to reach the rich kids with prices over a $ 1.000 for ‘a simple sweater’, the Ader brand is keeping it cool with affordable prices. Prices at their webshop go from $35 for a cap to $195 for a coat. Which we think is very fair and not expensive at all.

Photo credits: Ader Error.enfntsterribles-fashion-ade-error-lookbook