Even though the gods have been giving us good weather lately, we still feel the urge to be the first to cop new arrivals chez maison Alexander Wang. Especially now that the summer collections are fading away in stores. So while we are preparing to transition into a new and somewhat colder season. Let’s make it our main goal to be fall-ready by next month.

MENS-F16-LOOK-8Alexander Wang‘s Fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection caught our eyes since the day it was published on the world wide web.

At ENFNTS TERRIBLES we first spotted the polished grunge collection on Vogue.com. We felt inspired by his everlasting connection to the street – and skate culture.

So here we are now…pockets full of – imaginary – millions and ripe enough to shop an expensive fall jacket by Alexander Wang. Hopefully one that will be another strong statement piece in our wardrobes.

Not only that but also a timeless style item that you’ll keep many many many years. Because no sane person invests money for a designer coat to wear it 1 day. Unless you’re insane in the membrane or a celebrity ( who got it for free). So does that last one even counts ?

Something timeless

It seems like almost all Alexander Wang jackets were made to fit in an urban guy’s closet. For instance this black Shearling collared jacket or ‘mouton trounée‘ as the french call it. Paired on camo pants and a simple striped sweatshirt.

On the other hand the timeless camel coat reappears this fall. The tricky thing about the camel coat is that it’s available in every menswear collection out there. So it’s totally up to you if you want to pay about $1500 for a tailored camel coat.
Our Favorite Alexander Wang Fall Jackets

Where to shop :  Shearling jacketcamel coat

Plaid is back

Alexander knew how to charm us. It was the next laidback look that really permitted us to understand the complete street – and skate aesthetic of his fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection.

It makes perfect sense now to wear a pink hoodie with a plaid wool bomber. Alexander Wang taught us well!
Our Favorite Alexander Wang Fall Jackets

Where to shop : AlexanderWang.com