26 Jul

Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals Season 2 is Launching this Saturday

Alexander Wang and the brand with the three stripes are teaming up for a season 2 collection that is on its way, as we speak. Only this time the cornerstone of this second collaboration is their mutual adoration for cycling, rave culture and athleisure. Which was tastefully communicated in a teaser video directed by Ryan Staake.  A first New York drop is planned for this Saturday, July 29. However, a global drop will follow on August 5th.

We’ve always been fans of how Wang plans his collection releases. Last year the distribution took place in truck stores and this year he made it more accessible with a text-to-buy retail plan. Alexander wants you to text him for a pair of Alexander Wang x Adidas Original Season 2 sneakers and he’ll have city bikers deliver them to you.

The first drop

On July 29, Wang plans on pasting posters throughout New York City displaying a phone number with images of their latest campaign. After placing the order by code, a bike messenger will then deliver the package. 917-512-7715 is the number you’ll need to shop Alexanders Wang x Adidas Originals Season 2 collection.

Alexander Wang

The big drop

We kind of hoped for a text-to-buy retail plan in Europe too. But from what we read on Vogue, the collection will globally be available through select retail partners. So if you want to be notified when the Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals Season 2 drops worldwide, you’ll actually have to sign up.

Photo credits: Pinterest, Vogue


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