Both cool and sustainable… in Amsterdam even this combination is possible. Most of you will probably know the city center with its canals and typical houses. But have you even been to Amsterdam North? This part is fully developing and the new place to be with hotspots such as the Eye museum and De Ceuvel.

Sustainability as a trend

Some cities are just far ahead of others and Amsterdam is one of them. For some reason the Dutch know what trend setting is all about. It seems to be hypocrite to talk about sustainability using such vocabulary. But we couldn’t define it in another way. Taking the environment into account became the next best thing. And we’re thrilled about this evolution.

Just a few years ago being sustainable ment wearing wool socks and not washing your hair. If you truly wanted to blend it you’d better not care about nature or anything related to the wellbeing of planet earth. Those who ever went to  have a sip or bite at De Ceuvel know that there definitely is another way. It’s the place-to-be for all kinds of people, whether you like to wash your hair or not. Everyone is interested in the same cause: taking care of planet earth and all its inhabitants.


De Ceuvel

So what exactly is De Ceuvel? It started with a team of initiators winning a tender to turn a heavily polluted site into an urban oasis. They built and entire complex with workplaces, a restaurant, bed & breakfast and De Ceuvel café on the banks of the Van Hasselt canal. You can go from one place to another via little bridges and even ropes. This to protect the soil-cleaning plants that were seeded to make the site healthy again.

They try to be as much self-sufficient as possible. This means they have their own floating vegetable garden and all toilets work with rainwater. To generate electricity they work with solar panels.And the entire complex was constructed with old boats and from recycled materials.

At De Ceuvel café you can enjoy a good vegan meal and of course drinks. Besides that it’s also a spot where musicians, artists, filmmakers and theatermakers can perform and show their creations. If you want to know about what they do and how they do it you can always check out their agenda for workshops, tastings and lectures. 

enfntsterribles-travel-amsterdam-hotspots-de-keuvel-02Photo credits: De Ceuvel, De Groene Meisjes