When thinking about Amsterdam hotspots, we’d immediately think of places like Cafe George or Jansz. But when we recently were talking to an Amsterdam-based cool kid and friend of our magazine, he told us otherwise. Cafe George has become a place for mainly tourists and old people who want to take the perfect picture for Instagram. The real Amsterdam cool kids aren’t having lunch at those places anymore. They have moved on to better places! We listed a few of today’s favorites amongst the elite of Amsterdam.

The Duchess

Inspired by the splendour and eminence of the Belle Époque, The Duchess took residence in Amsterdam in the summer of 2015. It resides in one of the best-kept historic gems, the former KAS Bank in W Hotel Amsterdam. It’s able to provide guests with the elegance of traditional London hospitality balanced with Viennese grandeur.

The Duchess’ menu is one of intricate simplicity with eclectic classics such as luscious Fruits de Mer platters, rotisserie and grill specialties and homemade ice-cream coupes. For drinks of all kinds you can go to the majestic marble bar of The Duchess. Everything is inspired by the roaring twenties and thirties and it embodies the eminence of long-lost times. The exclusive Mariage Frères tea and champagnes are to be enjoyed in the elegant Tea Room during afternoon tea. Afternoon tea at The Duchess reminds many of an Alice in Wonderland tea party with an abundance of teacups, teapots and cake tiers. We are obsessed with this place!

W Lounge

Located on the sixth floor of the Exchange building, W Lounge has a stunning 360-degree views over the city. W Lounge features a distinctive set of stairs that flow into the bar and echo the iconic steps of Dam Square on the streets below.Music at the lounge is selected by W Amsterdam’s Music Curator, Kristina Dolgova. The electric atmosphere makes W Lounge the hottest place to see and be seen in Amsterdam!

If you’re into design, you should have lunch at the W Lounge. Over 5km of copper pipes pay tribute to the telephone wires and electricity lines that exchanged information on a daily basis when the building was home to the Royal Dutch Post Building.

Madam at the A’dam tower

Amsterdam isn’t a city full of skyscrapers. So it’s rather difficult to find a (good) rooftop bar in the city. Madam, on top of the A’dam Tower is one of the few. During the day, the venue is part of the Lookout experience. But when the sun goes down, the lights turn off and the music turns up. That’s the moment it changes into the highest and most fabulous skybar of the city.

Photo credits: The Duchess, W Lounge, Madam