First of all: I wish to offer my sincere apologies. To all of you who are reading this (yes mom & dad, that probably means the two of you). Not that I actually know if anyone cares really. Cares about the fact that it took me ages to come up with a new post. But anyhow, I feel genuinely bad about it. It took me way too long to come up with something new. Work, obligations, two hangovers, time to find myself, yada yada yada, you know the drill. Lame excuses, all unacceptable, I know.

The good thing though? The lack of time kinda forced me to spend the whole of the last two weeks listening to one and the same album. Horrible, some of you might think. Not at all, I have to reply. Since I can consider the time invested in that one particular record as time very well spent. A huge accomplishment. And one completely to the credit of Soulwax and their latest release, ‘From Deewee’.


enfnts-terribles-soulwax-fromdeewee-studioDeewee – it’s not that difficult to see where that name is coming from, now is it? – refers to Soulwax’ very own studio, a heaven for all those who have a weak spot for music – in Gent ánd the label they operate from there. Label a.o. responsible for that fantastic Die Verboten release, raved about earlier on by ENFNTS TERRIBLES.

A joyful name as well that makes you crave for this first Soulwax production in 12 years. That is, if we do not take into account a.o. the many remixes, the online and massive Radio Soulwax project, the aforementioned Die Verboten EP and that masterful soundtrack for Felix Van Groeningen’s ‘Belgica’ movie (2016). With that Charlotte track on it easily being last year’s finest musical moment.

From Deewee

Allow me to cut straight to the chase: it was all worth the wait and the album is nothing short of fan-tas-tic. First of all: this is a not a classic album with one song nicely put after the other one. No sir, this is one long jam, recorded in one take (it took them a total of eightteen takes to get it right), a format the Dewaele brothers already flirted with on their ‘Nite Versions‘ (2005).

This approach results in an album that not only is but as well FEELS awesome. With the feeling being the one of a fun, intriguing and fascinating drive. One in which you continuously discover something new and all of that fueled through a lot of craftsmanship and even more passion. Organically put together by a group of musicians, amongst which 3 (three!) drummers, who are in a serious flow. The kind of flow you want to be in too. Think about your favorite and longer movie scene: thát feeling.

The song material on the album is of a very high level. The sparkling ‘Missing Wires’, the pulsating ‘Is It Always Binary’, the melancholic ‘Trespassers’, the robot-esque ‘Transient Program For Drums And Machinery’ (rightfully indicating that ‘it took a long time’), the beautiful closer ‘Goodnight Transmission’ ánd the 7 other songs: they all draw you in. After which they steal your heart and hijack the more moving parts of your body. With the latter sounding kinda weird really. But you get my drift.

Trying to aptly describe the sound of the recording will do it injustice. The Dewaele brothers and team deliver a wonderfully coherent fusion of krautrock, analog synths, acid, pop, a touch of rock and much much more. And something so refined and sweet in its perfection that it can only be labelled as an orgasm for the ears. Btw, be sure to savour it through high quality headphones or speakers. You wouldn’t scoop up a three star meal with a spoon either.

Sit down and listen

So, am I allowed to do a recommendation? Which would be for you to sit down in a comfy chair, to pour yourself a drink – a vodka for me, I’m finalizing this article in Moscow – and to put your headphones on? Kick off the ‘From Deewee’ engine and depart on your trip. Be warned though, it might become a real long one as you will want to hit that repeat button over and over again. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Glenn Sestig Architects

Album information

Artist: Soulwax

Album: ‘From Deewee’

Released: March 24 2017 (Play It Again Sam)





An orgasm for the ears: 'From Deewee', by Soulwax
Immaculate soundSerious flowSoulwax always knew how to nail a song
High probability of losing track of time
4.8Wonderful sounding album and trip. Listen to it as much as possible.
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