Since the holidays are almost coming to an end I was thinking about what the holiday feeling means to me. I used to go to Italy every summer with my parents and sister so this was an obvious location popping up. Then I saw a delicious imaginary plate of bruschetta passing by. This thought developed into the idea of teleporting myself to a Roman rooftop garden. You know, a quiet place where I could enjoy an aperitivo and some delicious Italian food. Of course I would be accompanied by a local Roman who’d accidentally also be cute and charming…

Anyway, back to the aperitivo part. Unlike most people I don’t like alcohol that much. A good glass of wine at dinner sounds great. To drink to get drunk, thanks but no thanks! When I go all crazy with the alcoholic drinks after work, there’s a large chance I’m going to be sick after one hour. Also, I don’t want to be the only one sipping from a glass of sparkling water. Luckily the Campari Group has a great non alcoholic alternative on the market called Crodino. It looks and tastes a bit like Campari but the good thing is (from my perspective): you won’t get drunk.

What’s in a name…

Crodino is called after “Terme di Crodo”, an Italian lake located in the North of Milan. The spring water is also an ingredient for the drink. It exists since 1964 and is part of the Campari Group since 1995.Crodino

The perfect serve

You can drink it with just a bit of ice and a slice of lemon (if you like). But Crodino can also be mixed in several cocktails.

What does it taste like?

Like I already said in the introduction, the taste isn’t that different from Campari. But I might just think that because in both drinks there’s a touch of bitterness. Crodino is made from water, gentian, vanilla, cinnamon and extracts from 12 different fruits (lemon and strawberry, amongst others). If I would have to describe its taste in one word I’d say bittersweet.

Next to the original version, also Crodino Rosso has been recently introduced. It has a funky red color (as you can see in the pictures) and its taste gets defined by the aroma of blood orange.


100% Italian

Till today the Crodino’s biggest market is Italy. Because it’s a local product, of course! But surprisingly Italians aren’t the biggest consumers of alcohol, compared to other European countries. Perhaps they just like the taste and not necessarily to get drunk.

The past few years the Italian aperitivo is slowly but surely gaining interest worldwide with drinks such as Campari and Aperol Spritz. I predict that also Crodino will benefit from this little evolution because there simply need to be more people like me 🙂

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Photo credits: ENFNTS TERRIBLES, Pinterest