Clothing label Arte Antwerp just – finally – dropped its new collection. After last winter’s collection, it was a little quite for a while, but the Antwerp-based label is back! Arte just teased the opening of a flash store in Brussels on the 28th of  April. The flash store will be closed again ont he 7th of May. As if that wasn’t enough, the brand also dropped a capsule collection to celebrate their 1 year aniversary of the Antwerp-based flagship store. They also released a Holiday collection. Which is in stores and online NOW.

Arte Antwerp Ace Capsule Collection

Arte Antwerp

If you don’t know Arte Antwerp yet, here’s what you need to know. Arte is a high quality menswear brand with a streetwear soul. Influenced by music, design and architecture, founder and creative director Bertony da Silva tells a visual story through his collection. His collections are experimental yet understated. The brand is one of the few antwerp-based brands that have an incredible street credibility. Arte Antwerp is the go-to brand for all of Antwerp’s cool kids. It sometimes looks like the brand has really created its own community of supporters and lovers.

Although the collections are originally made for men, women are wearing it as well. There really are no boundaries!

Holiday collection

Arte Antwerp’s latest collection is called ‘Holiday Collection’. It features T-shirts, sweaters and some trousers. One of its new graphic design is a pink car on a white T-shirt or sweater, which we love! The designs is perfect for summer and is something we’d love to see in the streets. The other things in the collection are the all white and all bubblegum pink looks. Which we wrote about a while ago. So, obviously, we love those as well.

Photo credits: Arte Antwerp.