At the beginning of 2017, I predicted which artists we should watch this year. Seems like my crystal ball magic isn’t wrong. My favorite Norwegian Astrid S dropped a brand-new single this weekend, and it’s just SO GOOD. It’s titled ‘Breathe’ and totally makes me lose my breath *insert Destiny’s Child*.

Astrid totally takes us outer space with lyrics such as: “If I could just inhale some chill, it’s like I’m living out in space. How am I still here? Did you slip me a magic pill? Got me lifted like an astronaut. No helmet on and my lungs just stop”.

We Love Scandinavian

The song certainly is very pop, but in a refreshing Astrid kinda way. It also reminds me of her famous Swedish colleague Zara Larsson, but there’s a huge difference in their music. I guess it’s just that Scandinavian touch to it that made the world love Zara, and I’m sure it will do the same for Astrid S. We’ll be hearing more from her this year!

You can also listen to Breathe on Apple Music and other services.