Scream it if you have to but summer is still on. And while we’re at it we’re fully going to enjoy the rest of the summer. So how does a last-minute booking to the Bahamas sounds ? Good! Now that we’ve discussed our Bahama trip together let’s talk about keeping it short for the remaining days of  summer.

Last month, you probably went shopping your clothing budget away in a store downtown or uptown. To be frankly honest : too bad! If you frequently shop online you must have seen all them clothes on sale. And the prices seem to reduce every single day.

Of course shopping is out of question for people who work during the week and just want to relax home on weekends. So we came up with a list of 3 basic summer tops for guys, you wish you had bought for last month’s sale price. No worries though guys…We looked it up and they are still available. You just need to be very quick to shop your basic summer tops.

No matter if it’s black or white
Enfnts Terribles | 3 Basic Summer Tops Still On Sale

A white tee or a black tee ? Who cares! Just pick one because both colors were created for our summer basics. Just make sure the tee sits well on your shoulders. Secondly look for a tee that’ll accentuate your body type.

Enfnts Terribles | 3 Basic Summer Tops Still On Sale

Where to shop ? Rag & Bone, ASOS, Lost & Found

Summer requires floral prints

No man ever should go on a summer vacay without shopping at least 1 floral shirt. Yes! It’s a must. How Hawaiian this may sound. It’s always a fun summer item to wear plus you’ll get tons of compliments. Pick one with a neutral and solid background color like : black ,  dark blue or even white will work. And this summer especially wear it in combination with a pair of light summer jeans. Trousers or shorts ? That’s up to you!

Enfnts Terribles | 3 Basic Summer Tops Still On Sale

Where to shop ? Alexander McQueen, Levi’s, WOOD WOOD

Stripes are always safe

Next summer basic is the plain crewneck tee with blue stripes. If you look back to this year’s spring-summer collections you’ll find so much stripes. It’s almost an overload of stripes.

If the stripes ain’t  blue or black, they will sell you the grey or white stripes. Either way every online store has stripes in abundance. So much that stripes are kind of considered as ordinary and safe. However everybody feels different about stripes. Do you wear it to impress or to relax ?

Enfnts Terribles | 3 Basic Summer Tops Still On SaleWhere to shop ? Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren

Photo credits : His Lifestyle, Pinterest, The Contemporary Boy, J’ai Perdu Ma Veste