What happens when you combine two trends that have been circling around for a while and take them to the beach… A 90’s (read Baywatch) inspired bathing suit with personalized slogan. We know that it’s just a classic but honestly, who doesn’t think of C.J. Parker when seeing that red French-cut piece of beachwear.

The good news is that starting from next week, you don’t have parade on the beach with a slogan that doesn’t fit your personality. Having lifeguard printed on your bathing suit when you’re actually an accountant just looks weird. (Unless your goal is to confuse people.) Also, the color red looks pretty sexy but maybe white, black or kaki are a better option for you. Via Calzedonia.com it will all be possible. You can choose out of 4 colors and pick the slogan you want. If you have no inspiration at all, just keep on scrolling… we gathered some ideas for you.
Calzedonia personalize bathing suit

What to put on your personalized Calzedonia bathing suit?

  • So you’re single and ready to mingle but you don’t like flirting. An easy solution might be to put your phone number on your bathing suit. Just think of a plan B when the wrong guy / girl is staring at your boobs.
  • Pick a different name than your own and preferably a funny one. An advantage of nobody knowing who you are is that you can make up a story. Don’t try this at home!
  • If you want to appear older or younger, why not go for another birth date? We’d love to be 22 again in Ibiza… Oh yes, leave your passport in the hotel room.
  • When you’re actually a lifeguard, choose accountant. You don’t want to be predictable.
  • Last but not least: don’t try to be funny and pick something normal. Sometimes normal is just fine.

Calzedonia personalize bathing suitCalzedonia personalize bathing suit

Photo credits: Calzedonia, Sunwalls, Baywatch