The beauty world is constantly being showered with new products. Every week, we’re sharing our beauty crush of the week. A stunning beauty look, a great product or a cosmetic revelation, everything is possible! If we crush, we do it hard. This week’s beauty crush: Polly Pocket inspired make-up palettes!

The Instagram bio for the official Lime Crime make-up account says it all: ‘make-up for unicorns’. Expect colourful, fun, sparkly beauty for people who still have a little kid in them somewhere. And this week, they came out with the ultimate 90s throwback: eyeshadow palettes inspired by Polly Pocket.

Life in plastic, it’s fantastic

Ahhh, living your best miniature life in a pink convertible or by the pool, the nineties were simpler times. For every beauty lover who can use a little childhood hapiness back in their lives, Lime Crime created three eyeshadow quads palettes called the Pocket Candy Palettes.

Each palette comes with five colours that are supposed to all work together.  One is more red toned, the second has purple hues and the third one feels more pinkish.  Every shadow is supposed to work as an eye and cheek tint, creating what should be your perfect everyday palette. The true nostalgia is in the packaging: the plastic, extremely vibrant compacts that fit in the pocket of your jeans just SCREAM 90s goodness. Add the bow on top and  it’s done, these palettes are without a doubt the cutest on the market.

Tiny palettes, tiny price?

Well, tiny is not the word, but it’s not bad at all. Each little Pocket Candy palette retails for 34 dollars, which equals to about 7 dollars per shadow. There’s currently a bundle deal on their website, though, that includes the three palettes for 80$. If you’d buy the palettes separately, you’d pay 102$. Quite the deal! Are these palettes an absolute must? Probably not. But they are cute as hell, and if you’re a make-up lover who wants to relive a part of their childhood, you know what to do!