The beauty world is constantly being showered with new products. Every week, we’re sharing our beauty crush of the week. A stunning beauty look, a great product or a cosmetic revelation, everything is possible! If we crush, we do it hard. This week’s beauty crush: the stunning beauty looks on the catwalk at the most recent Maison Margiela Artisanal Couture show.

We can all agree by now that Pat McGrath is a living make-up legend, who is responsible for some of the most iconic beauty looks in history. At the last Couture Week, she created someof the best looks of the week, for Maison Margiela. There were variations of the same look, but one really stood out: the girls with the golden hair. Here comes a breakdown of the why’s and how’s!

The face

To be honest, the face of the models was quite simple. For the skin, the focus was really on a luminous, radiant complexion, which actually fits perfectly into the upcoming face trend. Heavy contouring is on its last legs, natural, glowy skin is the new way to go. Brows were soft, and a little highlight brightened up the inner corner. Perfect summer inspiration, for when you don’t feel like wearing lots of make-up but you still want to have that little something something going on.

The lips

For the lips, Pat used her newest beauty baby: the Lust Matte Trance lipsticks. She came out with the all new matte lippies a week ago, and people are already obsessing over them. For one, they are extremely matte. Two, they are extremely pigmented and three: they feel super lightweight on the lips. It came as no suprise that she used her newest products for the show, and in combination with the dewy skin, the lips really stood out. Well, the lip/face jewels might have had something to do with that, but you get the point.

The hair

While Pat took care of the face, the hair was done by Eugene Souleiman, on of the most inventive hairdressers in the world. The face looked stunning, of course, but the real showstopper was the hair. If you thought  you looked cute with your glitter roots at Coachella, gurl, it’s time to step it up. Eugene sent the models down the runway with a full on glitter head. From the roots to the ends, the hair was packed with golden glitter. So much so that people thought Bella Hadid had gone blonde for the show, when it was only the glitter that made her hair change colours. In a gelled, almost wet looking way the hair was laid down, leaving the models looking like glittery beach babes. Truly iconic!

This also shows that you don’t always have to do the absolute most to look cool: dewy skin and gelled down glitter hair can be enough. Would you rock it?