The beauty world is constantly being showered with new products. Every week, we’re sharing our beauty crush of the week. A stunning beauty look, a great product or a cosmetic revelation, everything is possible! If we crush, we do it hard. This week’s beauty crush: the Pirates of the Carribean collection by Lorac Cosmetics.

Pirates never die

The hype is real: six years after the last Pirates of the Carribean movie came out, it’s finally time for a new one. On the 24th of May, Dead Men Tell No Tales (Salazar’s Revenge), the new child in the Pirates’ family, will finally be in theatres. Of course, there had to be some buzz created, and that’s where Disney and Lorac Cosmetics decided to join forces and create a limited edition make-up collection. Have you always dreamed of living the pirate’s life? Here’s your chance!

Now, what’s in it? The collection is actually quite extensive. There is an eyeshadow palette, a cheek palette AND no less than six lip shades. There’s truly something for everyone!

Eyes on the prize

The true star of the show is without a doubt the eyeshadow palette. With 18 brand new, exclusive shades AND an additional black liner that comes with it, this palette is a joy for the eyes, literally and figuratively. The colours are wearable, but fun: there are enough neutrals to rock everyday, but there are also some pops of colour in there.

The cheek palette isn’t anything extraordinary, but hey, it’s pretty! If you haven’t invested in a neutral blush/highlighter palette that you can wear on the daily, maybe this one is a great idea. I mean, the galaxy packaging is to die for, and imagine how good this would look on your vanity!

Last but not least, there’s the lip product. Available in six new shades, the collab offers a gloss-lipstick combo. The two ended tube is perfect for on the go, or if you wanna do different looks. Most of the colours are pretty wearable, but for the daring there’s a blue lipstick as well. Ahoy, matey! (That’s literally the name of the lipstick. Not kidding.)

The movie is in theatres as of the 24th, the collection is available right now, you can shop it here. Be quick, though, it seems like some of the items are already selling out! You know what that means: ALL SAILS AHEAD!