The beauty world is constantly being showered with new products. Every week, we’re sharing our beauty crush of the week. A stunning beauty look, a great product or a cosmetic revelation, everything is possible! If we crush, we do it hard. This week’s beauty crush: the Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow palette! 

Another week, another eyeshadow palette. Lots of our beauty crushes seem to be eyeshadow related, but that is because a lot of brands put the most effort in their eyeshadow palettes. New colours, fresh packaging, better formula’s,… If there’s one thing that’ll never bore us, it’s an exciting new eyeshadow palette.

No more basics

There’s been a new trend when it comes to eyeshadow palettes lately: it’s all about statement colours. Brands have finally noticed how every make-uplover already has their base/transition colours. Browns, neutrals, all that, we have plenty of palettes full of those, and if some don’t, they’ll go out and buy an actual neutral palette. Everyone hs their favourite neutral shades already, so why keep throwing them into palettes?

Because those basic shades are left behind, there’s more room for standout shades, which is more exciting for people that are into make-up and creating #looks. That’s where this week’s palette comes in: Urban Decay is launching an all metallic eyeshadow palette, including 20 brand new heavy metal colours.

One formula, multiple purposes

Even though a palette full of the same formula may seem odd and useless (you can only use about one or two metallic shades in each look, right?), this actually challenges the consumers to think outside the box. Why not use the gold champagne colour as a highlight? And maybe you can try some of the bolder colours as a lip topper to transform your lip colour? Metallic shadows actually can have a lot of uses, which makes this an interesting palette.

The palette has one more warm toned side with shiny reds, bronzes and golds, and one more cool toned side with mostly blue, purple and silver shades.

Break it down now

Let’s have a good old product breakdown. The palette will be a part of Urban Decay’s holiday collection, so it will be available pretty soon. The price is still unknown, but it will probably be around 40-50 dollars. We’ll try to update this as soon as we have more details, so keep an eye on this page! Will you be going heavy metal this holiday season?