We thought that one day we’d get tired of these boho looks. But no, still hasn’t happened. Is it the actual style or the underlying free spirit idea that keeps us dressing up in flowers and fringes every summer? We could also go for a more tough outfit or a basic Scandinavian look. However, that just takes away the thought that there’s a hippie in all of us.

Boho bloggers

Our all time favorite Dutch bloggers Lizzy van der Ligt is still the boho queen. The way she mixes and matches different styles in an original way make her a true style queen. Copy-paste clearly isn’t the word to be found in her vocabulary. And her Ibiza pics always make us extremely jealous. Than there is of course Chiara Ferragni, the queen B of all fashion bloggers. However it seems she became more like a living billboard, the girl still is damn good at creating her own boho looks. Next on the list are Leandra Medine and Caroline Blomst, no need to say more. And last but not least there’s the relatively new German blogger Leonie Hanne from Ohh Couture. She’s not the most inspiring one but we must admit her looks are always on point.

Do not overdo

When you decided to change your entire summer wardrobe, sit down and breath slowly for 1 minute. We saw a lot of boho going wrong so watch out you don’t overdo. The general rule is that you always have to be creative in your own styling. So never only go for what another would wear. It’s very important to stay true to your own style. First have a look at what you have in your own wardrobe, what you love to wear. And than you can go shopping for a few catchy boho items.


Shop items: Dodo Bar Or dress via Netaporter, blue dress H&M Conscious, Jérôme Dreyfuss bag via Monnier Frères, Red dress Iro Paris, Gioseppo sandals 
Photo credits: Ohh Couture, Manrepeller, Carolines Mode, The Blonde Salad,