In times when people tend to go for the minimalist look, it’s easy to get easy with the make-up too. A little mascara, some lip balm, et voila, ready to face the day. Nothing wrong if that’s your cup of tea, but to be honest, it isn’t the most exciting look. Some times, it’s nice to get inspiration from dramatic looks, looks that speak to you, looks that make you feel something. And where do you find those looks, you ask? Easy: the runway. Of course, there are plenty of cool beauty looks finding their way down the runway each season, that’s for sure. But to be honest, there’s only one brand the king of next level make-up looks, and that’s Givenchy. More often than not, more really is more for them, beauty wise. Okay, the beauty looks weren’t that crazy in their last show, but still: here’s a look back at the most over the top Givenchy runway beauty looks ever!

Rainbow hair, rainbow curls


The face isn’t the only thing that can be used as a canvas on the catwalk. Givenchy knows that perfectly: for the FW13 show, their models rocked an extra tight curled rainbow coloured hairdo. It also looked like they were wearing a helmet, but hey, it’s a look! Would you try it?

Pierce it, baby

Monica Feudi

Leave it to Givenchy to take the piercing trend and lift it to the next level. In their FW15 show, they sent the models down the runway fully blinged-out. It’s a small miracle no model lost an ear, when you see how much jewelry dangled from there. Together with the ‘glued down’ baby hairs, this made a statement look inspired by Chola culture.

Bejewelled and laced up to the max

Isidore Montag

When FW15 had piercings, SS16 had full on bling masks. From forehead to neck, the models were decked out with jewels or pearls of all sorts. There even were some lace-covered mugs to be seen, intricate and beautiful. Truly pieces of art, perfectly matching the ensembles they were wearing. Mesmerizing to watch!