Oh baby, I like it R.A.W… introducing the new line by Biolage that stands for a haircare regimen with a Real, Authentic and Wholesome approach to beauty and wellness. With products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, hair-oils to in-salon hair-masks Biolage tries to fill up the spot in the market for that consumer that is looking for the best of the best. Both in ingredients, results as brand philosophy. Where it used to be a problem for professional hairdressers to bring a product to their more ecological responsible consumers that could deliver the same results as their more commercial counterparts, Biolage is set to hit the market in all the right spots.

Biolage RAW natural hair products

Free, Free and Free :

With a line that is completely silicone free, parabens free and sulfate free, Biolage had this little product nerd jumping from joy. Especially the no-silicone part. A quick reminder : Silicones are a large class of synthetic materials, not just one item; and they can usually be recognised by names ending in “cone” in the ingredients list. In haircare they are commonly used to lubricate the hair and add shine. They can help smooth the hair and give it a more straighter appearance. Key-word here is “appearance”, since silicones don’t nourish or “repair” your hair. Remember how momma used to say that all them glitters ain’t gold? Same thing.

How to do better?

By going parabens free Biolage challenges both the hairdresser as the clients to re-think the way they use their space in this world. With a checklist to save more water or by giving tips to use less water and energy. They follow-through with this philosophy in the way they are producing, making sure the products are ecologically responsible. Wether its the durable sourcing of the clay from Morocco to the traditional American Yucca. Every step of the process has been looked at with one simple question… how to do better? For both the planet as your hair.

Going Raw :

So this E.T. is already convinced… are you? Consider going R.A.W in your haircare as a process. The same way you would approach adapting a new way of eating, like eating organic or cutting down on meat and dairy. You are not going to die eating a burger every once in a while but we all know that besides some instand grattification, that burger is not doing much for your body. Same thing goes to your haircare. Aspire with us to use more gentle and nourishing products and your hair will repay you two times over.

Biolage RAW natural hair productsPhoto credits: ENFNTS TERRIBLES