A couple of years ago I finally managed to visit Iceland.  A country that has brought me some of my favorite artists. GusGus, Sigur Rós, Emiliana Torrini, Ólafur Arnalds and quite a few more, they all originate from this wonderful part of our world.

My love for Iceland started though with that one remarkable artist Björk Guðmundsdóttir. A ridiculously talented chameleon who has not stopped to wow me since she stumbled onto my radar with her band The Sugarcubes. Whilst being in Iceland, I visited Harpa, a magnificent concert hall and conference centre in Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital. My timing couldn’t have been more perfect since it offered me the possibility to attend ‘Björk Digital’, a virtual reality project put together by the artist.

It was a genuine life changer. Immersing myself into Björk’s dazzling and fairy tale like world of music, visuals and emotion brought me sensations of which I didn’t know they existed. It made me cry on the spot, thus pretty much destroying the remains of that masculine image I once envisioned.

Stepping out of Björk’s world again proved to be difficult and profoundly saddening. I felt lost. But as the day progressed my mood evolved into one of happiness. Happiness when realizing how fortunate I am to live in the era of such a genius.

Björk just released the video to second single ‘Blissing Me’ of the forthcoming album ‘Utopia’. It’s gorgeous and hopeful. And just what we need.