The red carpet of the Golden Globes is traditionally seen as one of the trend indicators of 2018. [Which is bullshit. Red carpets follow trends, they don’t create them. But that’s another story.] If we’d actually believe red carpets to be trend indicators though, we would think 2018 is going to look rather dark. This Sunday, many actresses and some actors will wear black on the Golden Globes red carpet. They’ll do that to stand up against the plague of sexual assault in Hollywood the world. That’s right, the #metoo movement has made it to the Golden Globes!

Is this a good thing?

Actresses and founding members of the Time’s Up initiative including Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon are behind the initiative. The outspoken Rose McGowan is not joining them, according to her Twitter: “If they wanted to make a real silent protest they should have refused to attend. Just wearing black dresses doesn’t halt anything and the offenders aren’t going to care about all-black ensembles, but they’d care if the women refused to make money for them #hitthemwhereithurts.”

Although we do partly agree with McGowan, we also think you should always take the chance to make a statement and use your platform for the better. The only real question we have is; why black? It’s like we’re all mourning, as if someone has died. Wouldn’t it be better to have gone all-pink on the red carpet of the Golden Globes? Just like that time earlier in 2017 when women -and some men, too- around the world united to march in pink pussy-hats.

People mostly think black is boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Black can be exciting and sexy, just like the dresses underneath. If we’d be styling some of the stars who are attending the Golden Globes, we would style them in one of these gorgeous looks. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and find out about our favorite red carpet looks!

Alexandre Vauthier – Giambattista Valli – Alexandre Vauthier – Calvin Klein