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Body-Shaming: Idealization of the Word Super

We’re becoming a bit tired of the body-shaming subject. If we have to believe the internet lately, you have to be super skinny or supersize to fit in. What happened to everything in between? Don’t get us wrong, we fully support all body types mother nature has given to every single woman on this planet. But the latest campaigns we’ve seen passing by only point out one side or the other. It almost feels like everyone is just focussing on the word super. And that’s not our vision on diversity at all.

For years we pointed fingers at skinny girls because they would have an influence on the dietary behavior of women. But have we forgotten about the fact that worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980? And that this is causing major health problems and diseases such as cancer. We don’t want girls to stop eating, however we don’t want them to overeat neither.


In 2014, more than 1.9 billion adults (18 and older) were overweight. That’s one quarter of the adult world population. Of that group, over 600 million were obese which is also a significant number. This number has more than doubled since 1980!

It was more difficult to find numbers about people suffering different kinds of eating disorders. Approximately 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder (anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, BED). Globally, anorexia nervosa is estimated to affect two million people as of 2013. Bulimia affected around 6.5 million people in 2013.

When talking about eating disorders, the first things that pop up in our minds are anorexia, bulimia and BED. But the past 36 years overweight and obesity have exponentially gained ground. For some reason we don’t seem to look at this as if it’s a problem. However, it’s one of the primary causes of cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

Mother Nature

As we already said in the introduction, we were born a certain way. And there are various components such as genes that we have to take into account. So naturally some of us are skinnier or bigger than others. It is what it is and in the end mother nature always has the final word. But each in our own way, we can try to make the very best out of it.

Having a size 14 doesn’t always mean that you’re overweight and a size two doesn’t make you an anorexic. It’s all about the natural balance of your body. When you’re normally a size 6 and you end up having a size 2 after a crazy diet. Or when size 6 turns into 14, that’s the moment you have to start thinking about what went wrong.

Knowing your own body and being aware of what it needs, is essential.

A healthy mind

Instead of always focussing on what they look like, women should urgently start looking at the inside. (Men too by the way but that’s another story…) It sounds cliché but apparently a rather small percentage of the female population truly understands what a healthy mind means. They just keep on complaining about what they want to change. But do you really believe that a hot body equals happiness… we don’t think so!

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”, old school as hell but always a truism.

Super what?

So let’s just all stop focussing on the word super or at least when talking about body types. Do women really have to be defined by the amount of meat they’re carrying with them? Let’s just start talking about other, important matters instead! Because honestly, all that body-shaming shizzle just makes women think about the subject again and again.

And one final tip for your mental states of mind: ignore every single word that Donald Trump has ever said and is going to say about women. The guy doesn’t know better!

Photo credits: Pinterest, Breanna Sipple Art

Body shaming

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