Bullying is so 2004

If there’s one thing that can ruin your innocent childhood or even adult life, it must be bullying. The feeling that you’re all alone, everyone is against you and worse… that there’s no way out. For outsiders or people who never went through the process it doesn’t seem that big of a deal. Just get yourself together and fight back. Unfortunately it isn’t always that easy. But at the end you need to find a way to get out of the situation, before it marks you indelibly.

Now what exactly is bullying?

Since there still are loads of bullies out there that don’t seem to know the difference between what they’re doing and innocent teasing… so let’s point it out for you.

Bullying always has a negative purpose, it’s structural and unilateral. When a person is exposed to negative acts for a longer period of time by one person or a group, we can no longer talk about innocent behavior. It can happen out in the open through verbal or physical contact. But also repeatedly excluding the same person is called bullying.

If you recognize all or some of the aspects of the description above, it’s time to sound the alarm. Whether you’re the person causing this situation or the victim.

Is it something we just need to deal with?

The answer to this question is clear and simple: NO! On the long term it can heavily damage your self-image. Bullying is not a part of life, something you inevitably need to go through to learn it the hard way. There’s no use at all to be excluded, harmed in a physical or verbal way or what so ever. Not because you look different, not because you are different or behave in a different way.

It’s clear that not all human beings can get along. But there’s a significant difference between not getting along and making someone’s life miserable on purpose.

Bullying is so 2004


The situation from the victims is clear. But how about the bullies… Is there something that went wrong when mother nature formed their personality? Or do they have an underlying frustration that outs itself in the wrong way? In any case, when you’re capable of harming others for no specific reason, there must be something wrong with you. Any person with a healthy state of mind knows that it’s an absolute no go to hurt innocent others.

The exit sign

Even though there always is a way to escape, it isn’t always easy to see the exit sign. When you’re in the middle of something it might seem overwhelming and this clouds your analytical mind. So try to solve things step by step. First of all: talk to someone who you can trust about the situation. Carrying such a burden all by yourself only will make things worse.

Next, see how you can stop the bullying. Is it by talking, ignoring, changing how you react? Bullies can not be generalized, it are human beings with different personalities that need to be approached differently. Try to figure out who you’re facing and what’s the best way to react. And don’t do this alone, always let others help you.

If the situation doesn’t get better after all you tried it’s sometimes best to leave. They say running isn’t an option but sometimes it is. Go to another school, find another job. When you’re really unhappy it doesn’t matter how you solve the problem, as long as you help yourself. This might be the last step but it’s definitely an option.

Whatever you do, just don’t underestimate yourself. And when you’re thinking about the bullies… keep in mind that on the long run, karma always is a bitch!

Photo credits: Mean Girls

Bullying is so 2004

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