Know your legends: Mark Eitzel

When joining the Enfnts Terribles music department I installed some censorship. By promising myself to stick to upcoming artists. To focus on bands that are as ...

Die Verboten’s home run

It was an Antwerp evening. Or rather, night. 1 AM, and I was returning from a formal dinner. Nothing too wild but a calmer evening with some good and solid talk...

The complexity of SOHN

I had been wondering a couple of days about a topic for a new article. Something that proved difficult and all had to do with those massive amounts of work that...
Artists to watch in 2017 - Astrid S

These Artists Will Own 2017

We're a few days into the new year and I'm finally starting to get sober. Feels like the right moment to pull out my crystal ball and predict the future. In 201...