One year ago Chanel launched a modern version of the iconic Chanel n°5, called L’Eau. Now it’s time for a new scent named after Mademoiselle Gabrielle herself. It has been since Chance in 2002 the luxury label has introduced a brand-new perfume. So it’s kind of a big deal. Or at least for us it is since we’re fervent users of the Chanel fragrances.
Chanel Gabrielle Perfume


In case you missed a few classes in fashion history, Coco was just a nickname for the one and only Gabrielle Chanel. 2017 was a fruitful year for Gabrielle. Not only did she get her own bag, now also a perfume can be checked off the bucket list. Chanel’s latest newcomer is created by Olivier Polge who also was responsible for L’Eau. Olivier is the son of Jacques Polge who was the brand’s main parfumier from 1978 till 2015. That it runs his genes is the least we can say…Chanel Gabrielle Perfume

Sophisticated sweet

Gabrielle is sweet but not as if you just spent 8 hours in a candy store. Its sophisticated sweetness was extracted from 4 white flowers: jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom and tuberose with hints of creamy sandalwood. The fragrance is very feminine and abstract at the same it. It smells both new and undeniably Chanel.

As always the packaging is also quite easy on the eyes. The Gabrielle bottle seems to be more fragile than the others. Its glass is so thin that the perfume is almost floating inside of it. Besides the scent itself, this is one of the main reasons why we like Chanel fragrances so much. From unpacking till spraying it on, it’s just an entire experience. For a mere 3 minutes you feel like a real sophisticated lady.
Chanel Gabrielle Perfume 

Photo credits: ENFNTS TERRIBLES, Chanel