It’s a bit early to use the X-Mas word but since we don’t want to get lost in a crowd on the 23rd of December (again), we buy our gifts a month in advance. This year it won’t be that hard to find a perfect surprise since all we want is a pair of socks. Socks are such  multifunctional things and we have been seriously underestimating their contribution to our personal wellbeing. They keep our feet warm, we can walk, chill and sleep with them. What do you need more in life? So no we don’t want no Rolex, Birkin bag or a sportive car.

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Balenciaga socksGucci socksBlue velvet socksValentine Witmeur Lab socksOff-White socks

Featured socks (in order of appearance): Inattendu, Balenciaga, Gucci, Inattendu, Valentine Witmeur Lab, Off-White