If you’re still writing down your memoires in an old-school diary you should urgently consider to move with times and have a look at the new Daily Fiction collection. Normann Copenhagen and design agency Femmes Régionales got together and launched a bunch of very funky day-to-day pieces to create your own story. So no need to hide your personal journal, it will perfectly blend into your interior (unless you’re still stuck with dark brown neo rural oak furniture, if that’s the case, forget what we just said).

The collections will be defined by 18 colors, terrazzo prints, stripes and a combination of materials. If you put the 200 small designs together it looks like one big happy bunch. Or as they said so well themselves “it’s like a candy shop for grownups”. And every product has been given its own tone of voice. The notebooks come with the title “fill in the blanks” and the pens will motivate to make your marks.

A good old school revival

We like the fact that Normann Copenhagen and Femmes Régionales are unconsciously pushing us in a way to write more often. Because honestly, who still writes with paper and pen? We’re all the time staring at a screen, harmoniously touching our keyboards. Some of us might still have an agenda but that will be about it. These colorful notebooks and pencils are surely going to motivate us to use those long forgotten skills.


If you’re not much of a writer and don’t have memoires, no worries! Daily fiction also has small practical things such as wrapping paper and scissors in its offer. Maybe you can discover a new talent as a gift wrapper… who knows. Via the #mydailyfiction you can share your creations online. Imagine your work becomes a hit and  in the future people will know you as the next Shakespeare or Christo. We’ll keep our fingers crossed 😉