Generally there’s one tip to give your place a more lively look: to add a touch of green. And not only for aesthetic reasons it’s good to put some plants here and there. One of their major characteristics is that they clean the air. And do not only place them into the living room. We spend 7 to 9 hours in our bedroom so also that space can use a sparkle of fresh air.

Being creative with plants

The time you just put a pot in a corner somewhere is officially over. Since decorating became a hype (thank you Pinterest) there are loads of brands offering creative plant accessories. All different sizes, shapes and colors of pots, stands, hanging planters and so on. When you don’t have a large budget we recommend to have a look at the Ikea website. The Swedish chain store always has some nice items you can pimp yourself. For more exclusive things we recommend you to have a look at Etsy.


The right type of green

So you’re not a green thumb and every plant for a radius of 10 meters tends to whiter within hours. Then it’s recommended to choose those plants that don’t need that much of attention. A cactus or succulent might be just the thing for you. They don’t need much water at all so you can just let them be for quite a while. Also sansevierias are a good option since they can take care of their own.

For the bed -or bathroom you better choose for a plant like ferns. They do need a lot of water but can survive with a just a little amount of sunlight. And save the herbs for the kitchen since you can also use them while you’re cooking. Last but not least… put at least one large plant in the bedroom. It’s the best way to keep that air as fresh as possible.

Photo credits: Convoy, Topista, The Jungalow, Homey Oh My, Ikea, N°, Domino