It was an Antwerp evening. Or rather, night. 1 AM, and I was returning from a formal dinner. Nothing too wild but a calmer evening with some good and solid talking. Occasionally these would happen too. Not that often though, I thoroughly made sure of that.

Driving back home a question I had become accustomed to popped up. Would I be heading home or would I opt for a classic ‘one last drink’ thus letting my heart prevail once more over my mind? It proved to be an unfair battle and fifteen minutes later I entered a bar.

A reasonable vibe was going on, with a fine crowd dancing to what I evaluated to be an 80’ies influenced set list. Nothing that was getting me too excited but that was probably to be blamed on the work related mail I had just read. Never read your e-mails over the weekend, I remember firmly saying to myself. After having heard one of Prince’s better known songs for the gazillionth time I decided that it was time to call it quits. A bed and a fresh Sunday would be awaiting me.

The moment

And then it happened. I noticed some spacey sounds being smoothly mixed in by the DJ. Sounds that got more intense and evolved into a trance inducing cosmic motherfucker of a jam. One that transformed the dancing crowd from a gently waving one into one you would normally associate with a late night rave. It was wild and beautiful and the musical equivalent of a baseball home run. That is, what I assume a baseball home run would be like. The only time I went to a baseball game – go Mets! – I almost died of boredom and right at the moment I was gone to get a third round of hotdogs & beers I heard massive cheering outside. There had been a home run, the game was over and everybody was leaving the stadium. Fun!

The DJ revealed that the track – ‘E40’ by Die Verboten – was a release on 2ManyDJs DEEWEE label. He was compellingly enthusiast about it and urged me to check out the label and the releases on it. There were lots of gems to be discovered, he whispered.

Die Verboten – ‘2007’

‘E40’ is featured on the ‘2007’ EP by Die Verboten, a super band consisting of Stephen & David Dewaele (2ManyDJs), Henry Riton and Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell. The album contains recordings that date back as far as 2007 (hence the title) but that only got remastered and released in 2015 on the aforementioned DEWEE label. Which was the band’s first new material since 2009’s ‘Live in Eivissa’.

The album is a tremendous joy to listen to and contains an infectious blend of Krautrock, cosmic sounds, drums, synths, grooves and cowbells that has got me hooked since its discovery. Which undeniably proves once again that the moment you expect it the least, something great is just around the corner. And that going for one last drink is the right thing to do.

Album information

Artist: Die Verboten

Album: ‘2007’

Released: October 30 2015 (DEEWEE)