Every year, as soon as Winter Holidays approach, homes all around the world are invaded by Ugly Wool Sweaters. Once an ironic tradition, these sweaters quickly lost their funny touch and became plain boring. At least, that’s what Diesel thinks about it. In its latest campaing, called ‘Say No To Uncool Wool’, artistic director Nicola Formichetti takes on the challenge of banning ugly xmas sweaters. They even got a real sheep, dressed in a leather jacket and denim, to be the brand ambassador for this campaign.

The solution

The solution to this uncool wool situation is pretty simple, according to Diesel. Just don’t wear ugly xmas sweaters. They, obviously, suggest to wear the brand’s pre-spring/summer collection instead. But that isn’t the only problem they have found a solution for. In a few other videos released by the Italian brand, they explain how to decorate your home, how to make a snowman and more. Watch the main video on top of this article and the others below.