Last night Maria Grazia Chiuri presented her first Dior Cruise Collection in the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in Santa Monica, California. Apparently she didn’t choose the location, it was already planned before her arrival at the house. However, she grabbed the opportunity to go through the archives and bumped into Christian Dior’s collection of 1951 that was inspired by the rock paintings of the Lascaux cave.

Dior Cruise 2018 Maria Grazia Chiuri

The Lascaux cave

In 1940 the Lascaux cave was discovered near the village of Montignac, in southwestern France by three teenagers. They found around 600 wall paintings that date from approximately 17.000 BP and depict the fauna and flora specific to that era. The discovery had a great influence at that time, also on Monsieur Christian Dior. In 1951 he appropriated the rock paintings, making a print of them for his Ovale line. Maria Grazia Chiuri reproduced the original sketches for this collection, giving it an original and historical touch.

Women who run with wolves

Besides Dior’s own history, Maria Grazia Chiuri was also inspired by one of her favorite books “Women who run with the wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype”. Which is all about the strength of the female energy and how to regain and maintain it in a male-oriented value system. This wild and ancient femininity clearly founds its way to the collection.

Dior Cruise 2018 Maria Grazia Chiuri

The modern & sophisticated Indiana Jones

The combination of all these elements turned into a collection for the modern, sophisticated and female Indiana Jones. It almost feels like the models are nomads who quickly jumped of their horses to run the show, before heading to the desert again. They are fully in touch with their femininity in a powerful way. And that’s exactly what Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collections are all about.
Dior Cruise collection 2018In case you missed the show, you can watch it again via our livestream.

Photo credits: Dior, Vogue Runway